Handheld Company Seal

Every Irish registered company is legally required to hold a company seal which has its company name engraved on the insert of the seal. The purpose of a company seal is to emboss official documents which ensures authenticity. The Companies Act 2014 provides that the company seal shall only be used with the authority of the directors or of a committee of directors.

Our handheld Company Seals are 43mm diameter which is the largest size for handheld seals in the Irish market. We engrave up to 60 characters per seal and can emboss on paper as fine as 80gsm up to 200gsm parchment paper such as share certificates.
Our Company Seal delivers a crisp sharp impression every time and is ideal for all your stamping needs.
Our handheld Company Seal is lightweight and portable, it comes in its own securely fastened leather pocket with gold imprint to finish.

The cost of the Handheld Company Seal is €35+VAT.

Handheld company Seal

Desktop Company Seal

Our Desktop Company Seal is a free-standing black metal construction with solid desk frame, this type of seal does not require assembly. Our engraved Delrin seal dies are 50mm diameter giving a clear lasting impression every time.

The Desktop Company Seal is ideal for carrying out a lot of company sealings, such as embossing on Award Certificates, etc. You will appreciate the ease of use of this company seal press. Our Desktop Company Seals are suitable for embossing on paper as fine as 80gsm up to 200gsm.

The cost of the Desktop Company Seal is €80+VAT.