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Express Company Formations Ltd. provide industry insight within minutes and are available from across the Globe.

We can provide for you the following information:

  • Duplicate Certificates of Incorporation
  • The correct corporate name of the company and company number confirmed
  • Previous Company Names
  • Business Name Searches
  • The full address of the Company’s Registered Office
  • Names and Addresses of the Company’s Directors and Secretary(s)
  • Names and Addresses of the Company’s Shareholders and amount of shares held by each Member
  • Nominal and Issued Share Capital
  • Annual Return dates — past, present and future — (CRO penalty fees if applicable)
  • Mortgages and Charges

Please note we can also have all search documents certified on request.

Company Formations Ireland

Company Name Search

The first thing to do with a Company Formation is to check that the name is available on the Companies Register. Please call us on +353 46 9073544 and we’ll do an immediate over the phone search, or otherwise fill out the form below and we will revert as soon as possible.

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